How to run a raiden node


A Raiden node allows a user to access the Raiden network. The Raiden network is a payment channel implementation which allows scalable, cheap and low latency payments for Ethereum. Once the user has access to the Raiden network through the Raiden node they can open channels with other Raiden users and make payments to each other.

These steps will help you run your own Raiden node.

Note: Currently this only works on Linux and Unix Operating Systems.


Clone the repository and navigate to the directory:

git clone
cd flows-monorepo

Setup Node#

Create test accounts for your Raiden node and setup your env file:

make setup-env

Note: If you want to use a different version of the Raiden node set the environment variable RAIDEN_NODE_VERSION to the version you want which can be found in the .env file.

Run Node#

Run your Raiden node:

make start-raiden

Note: running a Raiden node uses lots of eth-node bandwidth. To be economical while testing it may be wise to run make start-raiden2 or make start-raiden1 to start a 2 node or 1 node raiden network respectively.

Access Node#

You can access your Raiden node at localhost:5001, localhost:5002 or localhost:5003 depending on which node you have started and which node you are trying to access.

Stop Node#

Stop your Raiden node:

make stop-raiden

Cleanup Node#

To delete all Raiden metadata (usually not needed):

make stop-raiden-hard

Useful Links#

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