Go with the Flow

Jordyn Laurier

Jordyn Laurier

Marketing lead

Continuous payment streams#

Periodic payments are inefficient, require trust, and are ultimately random. But why do we get paid monthly when we could get paid by the minute, hour, or day?

Introducing Flows.Finance, a continuous payment stream built on the Raiden Network and powered by Ethereum, where you can stream money privately.

Payment streams have multiple uses and any payment that requires a periodic payment method can be improved through a continuous payment stream.

But what is a continuous payment stream and how will it change the way we make and receive payments in the future?

To put it simply, a payment stream is a continuous transfer of monetary value, similar to streaming media but simply with money. Payment streams eliminate recurring payments through continuously “streaming” money over a finite or fixed period.

Instead of monthly payments employees could receive their salaries on an hourly or daily time frame. You could pay your rent daily to your landlord, or pay your mortgage daily to your creditors. You could even pay your subscriptions for media streaming platforms, gym memberships, etc.

The motivation behind the development of Flows Finance aims to change the way we think about long-term financial commitments, change the way we make and receive payments, and allow you to stream your money privately whilst doing just that. With thanks to blockchains, payments (e.g. monthly salaries) need not be sent in lump sums as there is much less overhead in paying as you go.

A list of use cases:

  • Salaries / Payrolls (Paying or receiving)
  • Subscriptions (e.g. Netflix, Spotify, gym memberships.)
  • Rent
  • Consulting
  • Mortgage Payments

The benefits of using a program like Flows.Finance in business creates less hassle for business owners and employees when it comes down to paying or receiving funds for services provided by creating trust between the parties involved.

Less time is wasted on manually authorizing payrolls when payments could be automatic, thus allowing business owners more time to focus on growing their business. The personal benefits of using a program like Flows.Finance allows the user to be more in control of their finances by shortening their calendar payments significantly and allowing instant access to their funds.

The most amazing feature of Flows.Finance is that it is privacy-preserving. Stream your money privately the way it should be!

Flows Finance is under active development and coming to you soon! Watch this space for progress updates and be sure to follow us on twitter or join our discord to stay in the loop