Flows Finance receives a grant from the Raiden Trust

Denham Preen

Denham Preen

Co-founder and developer at AvoLabs.io

Exciting Things! Flows Finance receives a grant from the Raiden Trust#


It's with great excitement the team behind Flows Finance formerly ouropayments announces receiving a grant from the Raiden Trust.


The Raiden Trust is an independant entity to the Raiden network founded in April 2019 to facilitate support for projects and research that are building the Raiden Network ecosystem.

The team at Avo Labs GmbH took part in the Gitcoin Protect Privacy hackathon where they brainstormed ouropayments a privacy preserving payment stream service. Inspired by Sablier and the concept of real-time finance, ouropayments tackled the issue of high gas costs and lack of privacy on the ethereum mainnet, through building on the Raiden Network.

After winning at the hackathon with the Flows Finance proof of concept the team went through a rigorous review process with the Raiden Trustees where we received a grant to build the project further.


The project has since been rebranded to Flows Finance to better capture the notion of real-time finance and the underlying concept of continuous payment streams.

The team is working hard to take the proof of concept into a battle tested, robust, user friendly application.

Flows Finance is under active development and coming to you soon! Watch this space for progress updates and be sure to follow us on twitter or join our discord to stay in the loop